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From the desk of Nathan
Dear future hypnotist

The first induction is the hardest, whether your a teenager like I was, or anyone looking to get started down the wonderful and profitable road to hypnosis mastery. Join me on this eCourse and I'll walk you through your first REAL induction with a REAL person, and do all I can to make it a success.

You Will Soon Learn
  • Lesson 1: What hypnosis REALLY is, and the secrets of SUCCESSFUL hypnosis

  • Lesson 2: What's in an induction, and why INSTANT inductions are the best

  • Lesson 3: Deepeners and Hypnotic Suggestion - ignore this part and your induction is pointless

  • Lesson 4: Awakening and Safety. This section is 100% beyond essential, skip it and you risk doing serious harm

  • Lesson 5: Utilization, Confidence and Trouble Shooting, How To Guarantee Success

  • Lesson 6: Concrete Examples, proven methods for Instant Trance

  • Lesson 7: Where to now? Advanced resources for future masters.

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